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How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Roof

Hot climates might have to worry about high energy costs in summer, but colder climates worry equally about the costs during harsh winter months. There are a few ways you can increase the energy efficiency of your roof. It saves on a huge power bill and helps out the environment at the same time.

“Cool” the Roof Down

Cooling down the roof is simply lightening the color in order to reflect light away from the surface. This is a very efficient way to naturally bring down the temperature of the home during the summer. Your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to cool the home interior. This is generally done with a paint product, or a white membrane of material for flat roofing Toronto. It needs to be applied by professional roofers to ensure it is done right. You can cut your cooling bill down significantly during the hottest months of the year.

Insulate the Attic

Colder climates need adequate insulation in attic areas, especially if these areas are used as bedrooms. It can get unbearably cold in the winter to stay in a non-insulated space just under the roof. The cold will literally hang in the air and drive the living down to other warmer areas of the home. Check with roofing contractors in your area about the best type of insulation to use for the local climate. Some areas are colder than others and may require thicker insulation for better results.

Choose Greener Materials When You Add a New Roof

You can go to a greener energy efficient product if it is time to change out the old roof for new. The biggest changes you will want to make are towards longer-lasting products that offer increased protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun. Choosing a brighter color will increase your energy efficiency without any extra effort. Get with a roofing expert that can help your choose the best product that will match your existing siding and eavestrough.

Use Methods to Draw Heat Into the Home in a Cooler Climate

Adding laminated aluminum barrier sheets beneath the roofing material is one way to push heat back into the home in a cold climate. This can drop your heating bills appreciably. It is a practical addition if you are adding a new roof. Using radiant and solar energy to help keep you and your family warm in the winter is a smart use of the free energy provided by the environment. The additional cost weighed against the savings in energy costs make it a wise investment.

Contact an expert roof repair specialist to help assess the best ways to affordably make your roof more energy efficient.