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The Most Reliable Pest Control Methods and Trends

Pest control refers the processes and practices employed in mitigating the control or eradication of pest infestation in a given area. It is carried out by a professional called a pest exterminator who has specialized tools for the job. Pest control methods have long moved from the traditional use of toxic pesticides, which had detrimental effects on the environment. Today much cleaner methods such as the ones discussed in this post are used.

Effective methods for pest extermination require the practitioners to have some information about the particular pest. Such information includes the type and lifestyle of the pest.

Use of Green Ingredients in Pesticides

Today, pesticides are made with natural, biodegradable constituents such as pyrethrin. In addition to that, there has been government intervention that scrutinizes the pesticide industries to ensure the production of environmentally safe products. Such pesticides are now more humane and can be used indoors or in small cubicles to fend off cockroaches, wasps or mosquitoes. In the case of ants, you can use ant baits in the form of gels and granules which are safe around your pets. These baits can be set around their target food such as sugar- or protein-based foods.

Biological Control Methods

Biological control has gained much ground in the recent past as a pest control method. It involves using managed predators or parasites that feed on a particular pest. The process eradicates pests and bugs without interfering with the ecological balance. A good example is the use of Bacillus thuringiensis in mosquito control. The bacteria infect and kill mosquito larvae preventing further reproduction. It is also safe such that water treated by the bacteria is still suitable for domestic use.

Rodent Control

Rodents such as rats and mice are very destructive especially when they invade your home or office. That is because they also reproduce at alarming rates. The first step to controlling these rodents is by keeping foodstuff in metal or glass containers with tight caps. Also, make sure to clean up all the hidden dark corners within the house as well as around the garden to destroy any possible habitat for rats and mice.

Use of Ultrasonic deterrence

The ultrasonic technology is not a new thing; however, its use in the control of pests is a new adoption. It involves the use of devices emitting a high-frequency sound that is undetectable by the human ear but unbearable for the rodents. During the employment of this method, you can create sound buffering around your facility, home or office to contain the sound waves and hence drive the rodents away.

Those are some of the commonly used methods for controlling pests today. There are however more methods such as electronic monitoring, use of pheromones and light traps which you can find more about online in the latest trends in pest management. To gain more information, Reliable Pest Control may be able to provide additional insights with their online resources.

Landscape Design Ideas in Canada

Landscaping can be quite overwhelming for anyone who has not tackled any landscape before. It involves a combination of art, science, and horticultural knowledge, which is enough to get you the appearance of your commercial building or residential home. Remember that the visitors and customer see exterior first before entering the building, so you should focus on making it as attractive as possible. Landscape design is, therefore, the act of improving the outdoor environment with the aim of increasing the aesthetic value of property.

Professional Help in Planning

Landscape design is complex and requires good observation and design skills since it involves making a proper plan of what should go where. You may consider hiring a professional to help you through the planning, installation, designing, and maintenance of your landscape. Landscape development happens in stages, so you should determine what goes where and at what time. Keep in mind various features such as the existing irrigation systems, the service areas, the house itself, already existing plans, drainage and slopes, property boundaries, utilities, and exposure of your building. The plan depends on the property owners’ preferences, their budget, and the possibilities with the area. For more information, you may want to consult with Royal Decks for their resources and insights.

Common Landscaping Ideas

A professional helps you identify the ideal features or ideas to include such as plants, the pavers shrubs, lighting and outdoor rooms. There is increased use of pavers on the construction of driveways, walkways, and patio due to their durability in addition to their aesthetic value. Landscapers also prefer slates rather than wood on the decks owing to their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Most Canadians also choose native plants since they are easy to sustain and maintain. There is also increased use of edible plants in landscaping following their dual function.

Lighting offers a practical and beautiful way of improving the appearance of property. Professionals provide different types of lighting that you can use on the pool, gazebo, or the lawn. Some of the lights to choose from include lanterns, post lights, spotlights, and the string lights. Some people prefer the use of rocks to mark borders for garden beds or one large one surrounded by small pebbles and boulders to act as focal point.


Landscape designs require a lot of patience and planning. Remember that some features such as trees and pavers would be hard to move anytime you wish, so you need to make a concrete decision on what goes where. Symmetry and balance are also important in landscape design since you do not want to overdo it or appear boring with the choice of features.

How to Prevent Weeds in Your Garden

Whether you have a flower garden, vegetable garden or both, one thing that you might hate dealing with is weeds. It’s true that dealing with at least some weeds is a regular part of gardening, but you can make your life a whole lot easier and drastically cut down on the weeds. Not only can this help you save yourself a lot of time and hard work in the long run, but it can also help you raise a more beautiful and healthy garden as well. From looking for weed control services that focus on integrated pest management to fight against weeds to taking your own action, these are a few steps that can help you get rid of and prevent weeds in your garden.

Use Mesh for Weed Control

First of all, when planting your garden, take the time to use landscaping fabric or mesh on top of the soil. The great thing about this is that it can help prevent weeds from growing in the first place, which is great for protecting your plants.

Add Mulch

Many people don’t realize just how beneficial mulch is for landscaping and gardening purposes, but there is a reason why your average lawn care company suggests its use. Using mulch can prevent pervasive weeds from growing, can help keep your plants protected from drastic temperature changes and can help keep plants moist during periods of little to no rain. Plus, it is affordable and it looks great, making it a wonderful all-around addition to any garden.

Work with a Weed Removal Service

If you have never thought about working with a weed removal service, now is the time to think about doing so. A good weed removal service will use EPA approved chemicals and strategies to get rid of any existing weeds that you have in your garden and to help prevent them from growing later on.

Remove Weeds Promptly

When weeds do start growing in your garden, it is important to remove them quickly. Otherwise, they could grow and spread, making the problem that much more difficult to get rid of. Sure, pulling weeds is never fun, but it can be a whole lot easier when you don’t have nearly as many weeds to deal with at one time.

Dealing with weeds is a common part of having a garden, but this does not mean that you have to let the weeds drive you crazy. If you follow these tips, you can help keep weeds under control so that you can enjoy your garden as much as possible. There are resources available at Weed Man USA for more information.